Dr. Priya provides individualized, comprehensive treatment plans of every single one of her patents. Her focus is on identifying and addressing the root cause of all issues for long term health and improved quality of life

Lab testing and Assessment

Food allergy testing, celiac testing, comprehensive hormone testing and several other standard blood and urine tests are available. Review of new and pervious blood work is also provided. This will allow you to fully understand the meaning of your lab tests. Identifying what 'low normal' or 'high normal' means and how it impacts your health are also discussed. 

Clinical Nutrition

Diet and lifestyle analysis and counseling are fundamental to Naturopathic medicine. Dr. Priya will create realistic and customized a diet optimal for you that takes into consideration your nutrient deficiencies, health needs and food allergies. 


Supplementation of high dose extracts, vitamins, or minerals, through capsule, powder, inhalation, or injection.  This is particularly important for individuals with severe nutrient depletions such as high performing athletes, business executives and individuals on other medications, to name a few.  B12 Injections are an example of Orthomolecular medicines offered.


Asian Medicine and acupuncture are used to create balance and vitality in one’s life. Lack of this balance creates a state of illness.  Asian Medicine theory recognizes that the body functions best as a whole and the parts are all connected.  This means that when acupuncture is used as part of your naturopathic treatment plan, it can treat multiple health issues at once.  Acupuncture is most commonly used from pain, hormone balancing, fertility, anxiety, and insomnia.  You may be surprised by the various clinical applications of acupuncture!

Botanical medicine 

Medicinal properties of herbal plants in the form of powder, capsule, and tea infusions to address health concerns.

Disease Prevention

Naturopathic Doctors are uniquely positioned to identify and address health concerns before they progress to disease states or start showing symptoms. Does a disease run in your family or has a medical doctor given you a health warning? Dr. Priya can review your medical and family history and work with you to create diet and lifestyle changes that optimize your health to prevent illness.

Therapeutic Detoxification 

Environmental, physical, mental and emotional burdens we place on our bodies on a daily basis, requires us to have periodic custom detoxification. Customized plans are available to optimize bodily functioning and healing. Detoxification can take on many different forms, intensities and duration. It is always based on an individual’s vitality and health needs. Most of them a very gentle and give your body a chance to heal and recover after the assault placed on us by our environment.


​Widely used in many countries, and originally developed during the 18th century by the German physician Hahnemann. Minute amounts of substances prepared and prescribed according to strict homeopathic principles are used to evoke a physiological and/or psychological response.

Professional Collaboration

An important part of wellness, is working within a health care team.  Dr. Priya respects all health care providers and is more than happy to provide correspondence and referrals when appropriate.

​More Collaboration opportunities coming soon…

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